Who’s On First?

This is a guest post by Carolyn Hastings, Writer of “And One” for Cleveland.com.

Chicago Bulls v. Cleveland Cavaliers

Cold Coke.  Check. 

Time? 12:30.  Check. 

Cavs pre-game show.  Che . .  what?  Buckeye Basketball Weekly with Thad Matta

No pre-game but surely the Cavs game at 1?  NegativeLarry, Drew, Shannon, Cedric, Ira and Donyell have already gone missing.  And now we can put out an NBA APB for Fred McLeod, Austin Carr, Campy Russell and Jeff Phelps. 

How extraordinary not to have local coverage of this historical who’s-on-first-routine of a game.

RockKing, over at Waiting for Next Year, tells us:

In the history of the NBA, no divisional rivals have played each other for the first time this late in the year . . .these 2 rivals will play one another 3 more times after today. All 4 games should be bitter . . .

ESPN on ABC is broadcasting the game nationally.  Dramatic music plays, LeBron appears walking into the Q wearing a gorgeous scarf and a voiceover intones, “old friends are new enemies.”

LeBron and Larry Hughes hug while it becomes apparent Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown will call the game.  I love Mike.  I love Hubie.  But do they love Cleveland?  Do they know our story?  They talk and talk and talk about Drew and Larry; what about Shannon and Cedric?  So what if they don’t start.  I want to know what’s going on with them.

Damon rubs Drew’s bald head.  LeBron and Larry and Damon and Drew stand together, making a sort of square; it’s clear they have missed each other. 


Pre-game co-host Stuart Scott says:

“All that ha,ha, hee, hee; all friendly stuff; man, paint it up and go to war.”

6 minutes to tipoff and Z is nowhere to be seen.  Suffering from back pain, he is not on the bench and did not practice yesterday.  Good news – Wally is here.  Flew in this morning and will fly out “at the buzzer” to be with his wife and new baby.

Speaking of babies, what are the odds that two players on any given team in any sport will have children named Maximus?  LeBron has Bryce Maximus and Wally now has Maximus Jack.  Makes me grateful Gladiator wasn’t around when I was born.

Mike Tirico loves the name, exclaiming:

“Max Jack Szczerbiak…. sounds like a shooter . . . came out of the womb with good rotation on his shot, just like Dad . . .”

Tipoff to the Cavs and LB scores.  Hubie chuckles about LeBron feasting on the Bulls.  Wonder how last week’s team tastes.

Larry Hughes answers for 2 and the game is on.  Larry Hughes scores a 3 and I wonder how we can get him back.  LB answers with 2 while Deng waves his arms defensively and I dismiss the thought.

Mike Tirico mentions an encounter between himself, Hubie and Jim Boylen before the game; Mike asked Jim about defending LeBron:

“We’ll start with Deng . . . you know, we really don’t match up well with anybody to guard LeBron . . . who does?”

LeBron runs by Drew; throws it to no one and reprimands Andy.

Mike Tirico says, “Varejao and Noah, an attractive hair matchup here today” and I want so badly for someone, anyone, to shout “from downtown” or “right down Euclid.”

LB Jimmy elevates and fades for a long swishy 2.  “This is just spectacular,” says Hubie.

Wally for 2; Andy steals the ball, hands it over to LB; LB fakes and hands it over to Wally, Wally scores.

The quarter ends; 17-24 Cavs.

During the 2nd quarter, Joe Smith and Damon play hot potato; tire of the game; throw it to Wally; Wally scores.  The Chicago offense appears to be playing poorly, even to these untrained eyes.

Drew draws a foul from Ben; the fans boo.  Drew to the line; commits line violation.  Didn’t know it was possible for a shooter to commit a line violation. 

33-37 Cavs.  3:40.

Andy slaps the ball away; dives on the floor; whips it to Delonte; Delonte misses the layup; LeBron dunks; cheers all around; timeout Bulls.

Damon and Tyrus Thomas collide and suddenly it’s halftime.  39-42 Cavs.

Lisa Salters corners LeBron and asks him how the new configuration affects his decisions regarding aggression.  LeBron says the cutest thing I think I have ever heard a man say:

” . . .  have to be a little aggressive until we get everything wrinkled out . . .”

Third quarter.  Has the music at the Q always been this loud?  Jarring?  Unnecessary?  Devin hits a long 2.  Drew hits a 2.  Delonte for 2.  Devin feeds Delonte for 2.  43-48 Cavs at 10:02.

Larry Hughes hits a 3.  Deng goes for 3 over LeBron; rebound to Devin to Delonte back to Devin to LeBron.  Hinrich does his best to defend while Hubie instructs:

“You have to spot up . . . force the action . . .”

Andy runs over to set a pick and can’t-stop-being-a-coach-Hubie shouts:

“What are you doing?  Stay on the other side . . .”

LB tosses to Devin; Devin for 3.  All ends well.

LeBron misses with his right; scores two with a shot Hubie calls the “little baby lefty hook.” 

Hinrich travels.  Andy commits a foul; yells at the ref for noticing it and is hit with a T.  The Bulls take full advantage, making all three shots.

Andy for 2 – all is forgiven.  LB for 2, Drew for 2.  Hughes for 2; Hughes to Tyrus for an exciting alley oop.  Final minute of the quarter and the universe stands on its ear.  66-65 Bulls.  Dwayne Jones checks in but can’t stop the trend. 68-65 Bulls.

The quarter ends.  Mike Brown, asked what put the Cavs behind, tells Lisa Salters that when we’re up:

” . . . offensively, we get cute with the basketball . . .”

Fourth quarter.  Larry Hughes steals and scores.  Damon answers with a 3. 

Cut to Jim Boylen announcing he has been “holding back” and is going to get a haircut in the style of Damon Jones.  Maybe he and Fred can carpool to Damon’s barber when we win the championship.

Ben pulls an Andy and gets a charge.  A dozen passes and then LeBron “elevated in the middle of the lane and somehow . . . was outside the lane when he released [the shot].  “Drifting backwards, ” Mike Tirico adds to Hubie’s awestruck description.  LeBron for 2.

Delonte for 2 and it’s 81-81.  4:50.

Lisa Salters tells a great story – Mike Brown called out a play and LeBron yelled back, “they don’t know that one yet.”

Mike Tirico, confused, says “Joe Smith, no, Larry Hughes . . .” and I am reminded that they both wear 32.  A week ago they wore 32 for the opposite teams.

LB and another fabulous dunk.  Cut to Eric Snow who looks gleeful. 

Drew scores; offensive foul; no basket.  Wally for 3.  Standing O. 

Cut to a grinning Boobie.  Hinrich travels.  Cavs ball.

A little bitter but mostly sweet victory.  86-95.  Hugs all around.  No hard feelings.  As Hubie said, “This is good basketball.”  Hopefully everyone gets on the right bus.

See you Wednesday at Madison Square Garden.

This is a guest post by Carolyn Hastings, Writer of “
And One” for Cleveland.com.



  1. Ahem. I wrote the Cavs preview for WFNY, not Rick! 🙂

  2. Rick, Rock – can we pretend it was a typo?

  3. Haha, no problem at all.

  4. Carolyn…I’ll make the change for Rock.

  5. – Rock
    By the way nice site. I had not visited WFNY until Carolyn mentioned it. Great info!!! I’ll be adding you guys to my list of sites to visit on my link up days.

    – Carolyn

    Great post!!! When Hughes came out hitting shots at the beginning of the game I said to myself, “Oh no…He’s about to use this night to make us regret we let him go.”

    And though he did pull in 23 pts and 5 boards, we still pulled out the win (as I expected)…so all was good!

    Thanks for covering the game.

  6. hopefully the cavs feed off these last 2 wins and go on a run here.

  7. Rock:

    You’re welcome.

  8. […] Check out my girl Carolyn of the And One blog guest blogging at Cavaliers Court during the Bulls vs. Cavs game! LeBron takes over this game as always; check out the mean facial on Luol Deng. […]

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